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Welcome to Sirian Healing!  I'm an Inspirational Life Coach, Rainbow Warrior(Light Worker) and Intuitive Guide and Tarot Reader

My intuitive readings begin at $130 and are very deep and offer spiritual guidance as well. I wish to offer my services to a wide audience so If you need and emergency session and are lacking the funds we can work it out, I only offer that one day a week.

Muse Life Coaching
This is a healing/inspirational and supportive as a best friend coaching that I created called Muse Coaching. It's designed to help you clear and remove any and all emotional blocks or subconscious blocks and to inspire to create your best life ever that is your calling and for your highest good.
Muse coaching starts at $300

One Important Question
I just would like to say I do all my readings by phone as I'm able to read voices very well and it gives me very clear information and downloads from the Divine Source during our readings. I want to be able to offer my services to a wide audience so I offer one important question in person by phone for $75.

 About Sunny


At the age of 2 years old, Sunny displayed an undeniable creative and empathic capacity, watching her mother sing and mouthing the words as well as being able to emote emotion, like an actress such as crying on command because of this, much later in life she realized she was a strong empath, besides many other creative and Artistic gifts she and others began to notice early on. She was tested for ESP and Psychic ability, which runs in her Basque/Irish lineage and discovered to have 80% of both abilities and many more. She was very spiritual and quite in her childhood years all the way to age 15 which aided her in being very musical, connected to Source Energy ( God ) & Nature and a deep understanding that God was her real (parent) and led her to study and cultivate meditation, visualization and chanting (Sanskrit Mantras and freestyle stream of consciousness) from a very young age. She went on to get her CMT right after high school and study many various forms of actual Massage in places such as Kaui, Auckland, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Australia. This developed into working on well-known Actors, Musicians, Dancer's and Athletes in not only body modalities but she created a unique approach in which she removed their creative blocks, taught them how to breathe and to be in the flow of expanded energy. She then had a profound experience in December 2012 in which she was called to Mt. Shasta, California to prepare to then go back to Los Angeles and embark on more of the sound and crystal healing part of her work as well as follow her (Dharma) of being a Professional Artist. The experience in 2012 was mind blowing and life altering, to say the least and really pieced together all these abilities I had and how to really use them in my unique expression. What happened was on the morning of December 21st, 2012, I was alone with my beloved dog's and my lovely cat and I knew it was a special day so I began to do a guided meditation that I found on youtube which was essentially breathing very deeply & slowly ( Prana Yam Breath ) as well as sending all my love from my heart to mother earth and waiting to feel her love come back to me. Well by the 9th round of breathing, I was sitting in front of my window with a beautiful view of the green forest and ocean and I began to notice everything becoming brighter, everything started to slow down and take on an almost lucid state, rays of sunlight began just pouring through my windows and filling my entire house with this golden essence and very light vibration and then I looked around me and all of my pets were completely asleep but like in a peaceful, calm lucid way that I had never seen before, I then closed my eyes, continued breathing and began to move into a trance state what they call ( Samadhi ) in which I began to cry and literally feel my heart ( Chakra ) open and felt an overwhelming love for our Mother Earth and then the most amazing part is that I then felt her unconditional love pouring back into me.
This began a chain of blessed events that followed, my body started shaking with uncontrollable tremors that shook my entire body as I just was sobbing and then some sort of primal sound or scream came out of me that I never heard in my life and it just kept pouring out of me until my animals awoke from there slumber and started making the exact same sound with me in unison as if it were some sort of choir of earth angels rebirthing from the Mother. When it was over there was complete silence and stillness and a tangible knowing that I was a part of everything and everyone, I could feel every being on the planet including our earth as a part of me, literally, no separation.
I then decided it very appropriate to go outside on the deck, open all the sliding doors and windows to my house and just sit in the sun. I then began to get simultaneous channeling's ( I've been channeling my whole life by the way)
from Arch Angel's, Elemental's as well as Source Creator, I was then bi-locating to several energy centers and crystal caves around the world to partake in sacred ceremony and realigning the sacred centers to be connected to the God Head ( highest light source ) I was told I was a Lemurian High Priestess who was instrumental in anchoring the civilization when it was sinking. Anchoring meaning holding the vibration as high as possible by singing light language (Elohim) as I was singing to help the souls not be imprinted with so much fear, as the civilization perished.
I was told I was a great Healer and they wanted me to embrace my light language and musical abilities and move into my full capacity as a healer as well as an Artist and to begin healing people with sound and crystals as I had been using these tools for the millennium as they put it. So here I Am and here you are. I will give you my word that I will heal you in the way that is best for you as everyone is so unique and different and that it will be done in the highest of light and Integrity and you will leave feeling complete and as if you've gained a piece of your own Divine Puzzle and heritage. I do many things, in my healing's, too many to speak of this includes healing Ancestral Karma and so much more and it will be a unique approach for each person. I AM here as an Agent for God to help heal humanity, so I'm humbly at your service. Love, Light & Blessings to each and every one of you and your family.
Mahalo & Love Life,


Metaphysical Boutique and Inspirational Audio & Video's Coming Soon!!

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"Do not apologize for your decisions to elevate your thoughts, upgrade your standards, or separate yourself from those who interrupt your greatness."

~~~ Sunny has something everybody want's and that is true freedom ~~~ Brad C.
~~~ Sunny is one in a number that hasn't been made up yet, she is inspiring, consistent and real ~~~ Aaron K.
~~~ Sunny awakens the spark of life in people ~~~ Aric S.
~~~ I walked into a crowded room of beautiful people and saw that most everyone was staring in one direction fixed on something across the room, I saw a girl sitting on the floor against the wall and walked over to sit next to her. I looked at her and said , you see this room filled with so many beautiful people and they're staring at you because not only do you have beauty but you shine and radiate an energy and light from within. ~~~ Sebastian G.
~~~ She inspires you to tap into your greatness and heals you so you can learn to heal yourself, the mark of a great
teacher. ~~~ Hailey S.
~~~ Warm, real and sincere, she's magical and teaches you how to tap into your own magic ~~~ Cheyenne L.
~~~ She teaches you how to navigate this life in am amazing way, she helps guide you from a place of humility and
not ego, she walks the walk. ~~~ Anna S.



Please send an email to beachvibetarot@gmail.com so we can connect regarding Personal Readings and Muse Life Coaching.

Blessings and have a wonderful day, enjoy every moment!